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What if


What if's or speculative models are a way to be creative with your models. Sometimes something as simple as a different paint scheme can make a routine model fresh and new. Grey F-18's are frankly in my opinion boring. Often a what if can be as simple as putting a plane into service with an Air Force that never flew them or as complicated as kitbashing a completely new airframe. Often a feasible back story can add that extra touch that makes a fantasy, plausible.

In the wrong service.


 R.C.A.F Hawk 200               U.S.A.F. Jaguar                U.S.N. Tornado F3


F.A.C. F-105                         R.A.F. Crusader FG.1           Mirage IV GR2


U.S.M.C. A-8 Buccaneer         U.S.M.C. F-14 Tomcat



      R.A.F. F-16         B.A.C. AT-28 Cazadore   ME-274 Drachen

 F-18O UberBug