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F-14- A Tomcat

From "U.S. Marine Corps Aviation" by Peter B. Mersky
 ".............the decision was made to take nearly $600 million earmarked for Phantoms and put it towards F-14s for the Marines. The first F-14 squadrons were to be VMFA-122 and VMFA-531........with three other units to follow................ When James R. Schlesinger became Secretary the Defence he decided to get the Marines out of the F-14 controversy. On July 2 1975 General Louis H. Wilson announced that the twelve VMFA F-4 equipped squadrons would continue to operate Phantoms until the F-18 became available."

What If we delete that last sentence?               

This is the 1/72 AMT F14a in the 1976 Ferris scheme as adopted by the Marines. The kit itself wasn't that great ,detail was reasonable in this scale but there where some fit problems and the putty had to come out. Suprising because the other AMT kits I've made have been excellent.




This one was a built for another "One week build" on What If Modelers but didn't make the deadline she actually took me two weeks, although she did end up winning her category at the IPMS Orange County  meeting November 2006.Pretty much straight from the box except for tape seat belts and instrument shrouds made from tissue paper and white glue. Used the kit instrument decals and just added a few dabs of colour to liven them up. Burners where done again using the method described here. Weathering was done withDoc O'Briens Weathering Powders  I love these things, just brush it on then kind of dust it off, you can rub them into certain areas a bit harder, wipe them off with a damp Q-tip . You can use them mixed with water to make a wash, mix the colours together for endless possibilities. They really are alot of fun to work with and I've struggled with many methods of weathering and never been completely happy with the results but I really love these.