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Revell 1/72 F-105 Thunderchief

What if;

In 1974 Pinochet became the undisputed leader of Chile, assuming the position of head of state but the economy continued to deteriorate, even though the government sought to return private enterprise to Chile by denationalizing many industries and by compensating businesses taken over by the ousted Socialist government. The country was in turmoil and the United States fearing an uprising by the supporters of executed leader Allende, sought ways to prop up the military regime it had helped put in place and quell any communist rebellion. To this end it made available to the Fuerza Aerea de Chile at almost no cost surplus F-105 Thunderchiefs. The "Thud" had been an outstanding performer in the ground attack role in Vietnam but was now being replaced by the F-4 Phantom in U.S.A.F. service. The F.A.C. welcomed this plane as the ideal weapon to deal with the Guerrilla forces hiding in the forests of southern Chile. The "Guerrero del trueno" as it was known by it's pilots saw many years of active duty and is still in service today, albeit only with training squadrons .  

Old Revell Thud

The Kit
This is a 1966 boxing of the 1957 Revell Thunderchief, all giant rivets and working features. Deleted the operating refueling boom, and left the rest intact. The only additions are, I scratchbuilt consoles, instrument panel and bulkheads (there were none) added seatbelts and tarted up the seat itself a bit. Overdid the weathering, tried an acrylic wash but everytime I brushed it on, waited then wiped off the excess, it looked like nothing had been left behind. Then I went and used a pastel wash which looked good. Then after dullcoat the pastel went BLACK giving the overall sooty effect. Oh well it was a good kit to learn on and now I know that testors dullcoat is going to seriously darken everything. The decals are from the Plastyk Hunter. Wretched things that destroyed when they made contact with water, and no amount of Micro set/sol and three coats of flat could remove the silvering. But it was fun, a great learning experience and proof that even some of the old ones can be built into something interesting.