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Spitfire Mk X

Spitfire MK X

The Spitfire Mk X was a pressurised version of the Mk XI which itself was the Photo Reconnaissance version of the Mk VIII. Again another Pink plane done for one of the Girls.

   This is the Arii 1/48 Mk VIII which was also re-boxed by Airfix, another lovely kit practically falls together with no need for putty.   

Pretty much out of the box except for the addition of some cameras.The main oblique camera was made by drilling a hole in the fuselage side then building a box on the inside of the fuselage and painting it black, then a clear piece of sprue was put through the back of the box to represent the camera lens. The Ventral cameras were just holes drilled in the underside of the kit. The exterior lenses were made from punching discs out of the clear plastic that comes as collar stiffeners in dress shirts. Also tried a new trick fr the seat belts on this one, cut them from the foil that you find seals some coffee cans, this is by far the best foil I have found to work with.

This was my first attempt at pre-shading for weathering. I prepped the model with Wal-mart equipment grey primer and flat white then cleaned out the nice crisp panel lines that the Arii kits have and the darker plastic showed through. Pre shaded the lines with a darker mix of the PRU pink I had mixed up from Gunze Sangyo Pink (very bright), radome Tan, RLM BraunViolet. Lightened up the paint with some off white and sprayed the whole model Pink.

When dry I used a wash of acrylic black, water and dish soap all over then wiped off with a damp cloth. Then I take pastel chalks and literally draw lines on the model, don't be afraid to use other colours than black or grey, blues, reds and yellows are effective too. I then just use my fingers to rub in the chalk and a Q-tip slightly damp at one end to clean areas up, flipping the Q-tip around from damp to dry end until I'm happy with the effect. Real simple and real fixable anything you don't like will rub off with a damp Q-tip. All sealed in with some testors dull cote

I was very happy with the finished result I know the Arii Mk VIII doesn't make a perfect Mk X it lacks the proper gull wing ( an all too common error on Spitfire models) and needs a deeper chin for the oil radiator

but it looks like a Spitfire!