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Spitfire Mk I

Spitfire Mk I No. 610 Sqn 1939

The Spitfire Mk I the first of the line! Trouble is it's hard to find a kit of one plenty of Mk I a's but the original is pretty rare. Started with the old 1/72nd Hasegawa kit which provides the necessary flat canopy and two bladed prop/spinner, not a bad tooling for it's age but as usual lacks the gull wing section. Used a Revell Mk V fuselage and interior which has nice detail but again the lacks the gull wing so I knew I'd never build the complete kit. The necessary gull wing and lower wing came from the Airfix Mk I and I kept the original Hasegawa top wing and control surfaces because of the good fabric detail. Kept the original Hasegawa decals which were amazingly thin and responsive given their age, and done up in one of  my favourite schemes of dark earth and dark green with the black and white split undersides.