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Spifire Mk IX

Spitfire Mk IX c

This model represents the Spitfire Mk IXc flown by Stanislaw Skalski  the polish fighting team. "Skalski's Circus" as it came to be known was a group of veteran pilots who volunteered to fight in North Africa in order to gain more experience. Attached to 145 Squadron in Tunisia in 1943 the fighting team acted almost as an independent unit on fighter sweeps and strafing runs, the individual aircraft numbers instead of letters after the squadron code set them apart from the rest of 145's Spitfires and most of the Royal Air Force. The Circus claimed twenty five kills for one loss in six weeks of flying over Tunisia.







This is the Airfix 1/48th Spitfire Mk IX / XVI, which comes in a big heavy box with a whole lotta plastic! Supposedly new generation Airfix the panel lines are crisper but the sprue gates are HUGE be careful when removing smaller parts. Plenty of options in this one all three wing tips, three air filters, two cowlings, cannon options and for some unknown reason a whole slew of parts from the Airfix Vc kit including a whole wing. Built out of the box except for foil seat belts, mostly problem free apart from two areas. The instructions show assembly with the flaps down but Spitfires almost never sat on the ground with the flaps down, closing them was almost impossible so I just replaced them with some styrene stock. The wing root joint produced a massive step and gap and I had two resort to epoxy putty to fix it, next time I'll glue the upper wings to the fuselage first then the lower one piece wing section. Decals were from Techmod and didn't want to snug down so I abandoned the insignia for some aeromaster spares and just used the squadron codes etc.