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Mirage IV

Dassault Mirage IV

In 1967 with increasing Soviet aggressions westwards and after the cancellation of the TSR.2 and delays with the F-111K the R.A.F. found itself in the dubious position of being without a   tactical strike Aircraft. Encouraged by incentives in order to sweeten the pot for the U.K. entry into the common market a deal was struck with Dassault to equip three squadrons with Mirage IVas. The initial deliveries were made to be equipped with Rolls Royce Spey engines in order to increase the payload so the Mirage could carry the Blue Steel Missile, after much hunting around in the garage to steal a Blue Steel off a Vulcan the engineers found that there was no way in hell it was going to fit and allow the gear doors to close so the remainder of the order came "out of the box" as it were, including the wee French nuclear missile.
Pictured here is a Mirage GR.2, 617 Squadron in R.A.F. snow scheme stationed in Norway 1970 after the Soviet invasion of Finland.

This is the Heller 1/72 Mirage IV I bought at a distressed kit auction for 25 cents, now I know why, a real dog of a kit, banana shaped fuselage and it fits where it touches, which isn't many places. Built for another "One Week build" on What if Modellers, out of the box, this one really was beyond help. Amazing what a striking paint job and decent photo's can do to improve the look of a kit.