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corsair I

Corsair I R.N.A.S. 1835

Royal Naval Air Squadron 1835 was the second british squadron to recieve the Corsair I in 1943. Training was done in Maine and Rhode Island in 1943 before deployment. Later F.A.A. Corsairs had the wings clipped 8" to allow storage in Royal Navy hanger decks but the evidence that the early arrivals kept their original wings. Also this is a rare example of an Ocean Grey and Slate Grey scheme rather than the usual Atlantic scheme of Dark Sea and Slate Greys. R.N.A.S.1835 was finally deployed in Belfast.





This is the Academy re-boxing of the Hobbycraft Birdcage 1/48 Corsair, a very nice little kit. The only potential problem I saw was a wing root gap that I shimmed out with some stryrene strip and careful dry fitting. The result was a no putty model ! Also built on a whim and I actually did the whole thing in ten days. The figures where Czhekmaster resin U.S.N. figures that where adapted a little. The only other modification I made was to separate the opened up cowl flaps.