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U.S.M.C. A-8 Buccaneer

What if: The Marine Corps had been given a decent low level strike aircraft in Vietnam ? Well in my universe they got the A-8 Buccaneer.
This is the Matchbox Buccaneer with the decals from the Academy F-8 Crusader, gave it the designation A-8 seeing as the U.S.M.C. were nowhere near considering the Harrier in 1967. After seeing the condition of current corps aircraft and reading that the conditions for the Marines at Da Nang wern't that much improved than they'd been at Guadalcanal 25 years earlier, I gave this one a beating and heavy weathered it.


Some people moan about the toy like quality of Matchbox kits but I love them and think they go together great. They do allow for alot of room for improving but for me that's most of the fun.

Like most Matchbox kits there is practically no interior office. Here you can see what appears to be two T.V. recliners suspended in mid air. Quick look at the Martin Baker Website  for reference and I was able to scratch some resemblance of a decent ejector seat. Thanks to my mate Barry for his idea of using the ties from breadbags for the seat sides, the perfect styrene for scratchbuilding and you can grab fistfuls of them from the local supermarket.





Belts are just made from Tamiya masking tape. Pull rings are from fine jewelry wire.






The rest of the office is pretty much just pure imagination, some sheet styrene, painted grey and again with my mate Barry's signature Future wash. Just mix Future with whatever shad of Acrylic paint you choose and slap liberally all over. The self levelling properties of the Future get the grime to pool in all the recesses and crevices. It will dry gloss so I use a dullcote inside a cockpit but often leave it gloss inside wheel wells. Great for cockpits, wells, bomb bays etc but not recommended for an overall wash. I even remembered to offset the seats as they are in the real Bucc.



Went back to basics on this one and just sprayed it with rattlecans. Weathered with a sludge wash of water, dish soap, and acrylic black. Then the heavy weathering came with O'Brien's weathering powders liberally smeared and smudged all over with my fingertips.







My daughter's favourite pic......

Sunset at Da-Nang 1968